The Franciszek Karpiński Institute of Regional Culture and Literary Research (Instytut Kultury Regionalnej i Badań Literackich im. Franciszka Karpińskiego) is a vibrant scientific organization that brings together people of science, culture, and business.

The Institute’s academic and organizational potential is reflected in numerous monographs and journal: „Inskrypcje” – the B List of MNiSW (affiliated to IKRiBL). We publish in various languages: English, Russian, German, Ukrainian, and Polish. The IKR[i]BL Publishing House also publishes literary texts (poetry, prose, essays).

The Institute annually organizes many international and nationwide conferences and academic seminars.

The Institute hosts the Jan Amos Komeński Public Library. Its collections were obtained mainly from Poland and Germany.

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International conference


Cat in Literature and Culture


Siedlce, 8-9 June 2017


We invite you to explore the image of the cat across texts and the disciplines – in literature, art, language, history and science. This conference continues our research initiatives examining the symbolism and functions of animals in culture.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Cat in literature (books for children and young readers; the literary image of the cat; the role of the cat in writers’ biographies)
  • Cat in language (the linguistic image of the cat; the cat and phraseology; the cat in proverbs; the etymology and semantics of cats’ names)
  • Cat in the arts (the artistic symbolism of the cat; the cat in popular culture (music, film) and popular art
  • Cat in the media (cat memes; lolcat as a sociolinguistic phenomenon; webpages and for cat lovers; Catbook as a social medium)
  • Cat in science (subspecies of feline; cat’s anatomy; cat’s diseases; cat’s psychology and body language; feline therapy as a method of treatment)
  • Cat in history, legends and beliefs (cat in ancient cultures – the sacred and the cursed cat; history of the cat)


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